Ride FEI Trained Horses with The Dressage Institute

Experience connection, laterals and advanced movements the way it is meant to be on our trained, safe, FEI trained schoolmasters

Discover the Art of Dressage

An illustration of Dressage Institute's Alicia Dickinson riding

Ride FEI trained schoolmasters and for aspiring professionals, we offer actively competing horses with scores of at least 69%+.

Our founder, Alicia, understands the feelings, frustration and confusion of training dressage. She has made it her mission to remove the elitism often associated with dressage. Starting by letting her members ride HER horses.

We know the struggle of feeling directionless in your training when all you want to do is execute upper-level movements like piaffe and passage. By feeling the correct way a horse should go, how the back swings, and how the pieces are meant to come together; you get a FAST pass to your next level in your riding as you no know what you are looking to achieve.

Tailored to Your Training Level

From the basics to Grand Prix; our schoolmasters have been educated by Alicia following all the principles you learn in your Dressage Institute course. These horses’ solid confirmed training and experience will show you what “correct” really entails and feels like. They will look after you!

We welcome riders of all backgrounds, from the novice to aspiring professionals. Our lessons incorporate biomechanics (Positional Institute) and sports psychology (Mental Clarity) to teach you body awareness and mental control, helping you become the effective and graceful rider you’ve always wanted to be.

Take the next step in your Dressage Institute Journey and transform you and your riding.

“Success is not about positive thinking. It’s about taking positive action, no matter what you feel. I will reward and support ANY member who gets in and gives things a go!”

Alicia Dickinson, Founder of Dressage Institute

Bring Out the Best in Your Riding with Our Unique Equine Educators

Our program is anchored by two exceptional equine educators, Gee and Wessel, who possess an innate ability to adjust to the learning curves of our riders.

To establish a robust fundamental discipline, all members are initially acquainted with these two phenomenal dressage horses. If riders can demonstrate consistent improvement and receive approval from our program director, Alicia, there may be opportunities to ride other horses.


Introducing Wessel, a Grand Prix dressage horse who has retired from competition. For several years, he served as the cornerstone of Alicia’s career. Possessing Grand Prix level training courtesy of Alicia, he consistently earned impressive scores and proved to be the star of our team.

Wessel’s story began in the Netherlands, but his talent has been shared across the globe, from Spain and Germany to Australia and the United Kingdom. This exceptional horse, born to the lineage of the world’s most successful FEI horse producer, Jazz. Despite his impressive professional pedigree, Wessel’s gentle nature makes him a perfect companion for any rider, offering unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way.

You can witness Wessel’s brilliant talent below, watching Alicia ride him and seeing him in action, supporting our members during lessons. Don’t miss your chance to experience his exceptional abilities firsthand.

Member Lessons

“It was the best passage of my life”

“I did my first tempi changes!”

“You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face”


We are proud to introduce you to Gee, an extraordinary horse imported from the Netherlands. With a remarkable proficiency for small tour and talent in all grand prix movements, Gee has been trained by Alicia to become a top-performing horse at only 11 years old.

Gee’s authentic nature makes him the perfect choice for riders of all levels who want to experience the best of dressage. Moreover, his uncanny ability to adjust his power as he reads the needs of his rider, distinguishes him from the majority of competition horses.

From amateurs who struggle with connection and getting their horse on the bit, to professional riders seeking to learn to ride more talented horses, Gee is the go-to horse.

See for yourself the delightful antics of our resident goose, Halliarous, as he plays along with Alicia pretending to be a pony club horse! Gee is not only a natural entertainer but also a brilliant talent. Watch his exceptional abilities in action and as he supports our members during lessons.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Gee’s exceptional abilities firsthand at our stables in the USA.

Member Lessons

“I’ve never felt so safe. What an amazing horse!”

“I’ve learned so much, BEST lesson ever!”