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Efficient Learning

Reach your goals faster and unlock your dressage potential with one of our comprehensive, competency-based online programs. These programs take you though step by step, from basics to Grand Prix level and unlock a world of success tailored specifically for you!

Dressage Institute

Complete Support Monthly

The core of your dressage success. Become a member and join thousands of other riders from Intro to Grand Prix!

Mental Clarity

16 Modules Lifetime Access

A rider with less in all departments, but with a clear mind will always win. Begin your transformation with this program!

Position Institute

21 Modules Lifetime Access

This rider transformation program is specifically designed to improve how you carry yourself on the horse.

Lesson Bundles

One Bundle Only

Not sure about membership? Try out one of our tailored lesson bundles and begin your dressage journey!

One-on-One Sessions with our DI Coaches

(All DI Coaches’ competition experience minimum is PSG (FEI) level & above)

LIVE private, one to one guidance through direct LIVE to our friendly team of DI Coaches. These sessions are for ANYTHING you wish to discuss – video reviews & feedback of YOU riding YOUR horse, General care, how to deal with a bully at your yard, there is no limit to what these sessions can entail.

Full disclosure: These sessions are for people who REALLY want to make a change, they are not for the faint hearted. Alicia will give you her all, while giving you a clear path to success. However, she will tell you the truth no matter how difficult the answers may be.