Olivia Cook Testimonial at Dressage Institute

Olivia Cooke

Member Since 2017

DI is the best program ever. It’s not just about learning, you make lifetime friends who become family. You have coaches who actually care and don’t judge you.

Before DI I was just about to give up horses as I had big dreams and being autistic no one knew how to teach me. Alicia has to be the most amazing down to earth coach i’ve ever had.


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Reach your goals faster and unlock your dressage potential with our comprehensive, competency-based online program. Learn step by step, from basics to Grand Prix level and unlock a world of success tailored specifically for you!

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The Dressage Institute has enabled a multitude of riders to reach incredible milestones in their dressage journey. Results that are real – true success stories!

Alyce Jolly

Member Since 2019

DI has changed my life. The knowledge and understanding I have gained from the theory, demonstrations, analogies and videos has definitely reset my horse riding journey. I was so frustrated with my horse, coaches, myself and contemplated giving up. But following scrapping all “my own style of riding”, focusing on DI, practicing the basics, having 2 lessons with Alicia at the Melbourne 2023 clinic, I can now say, I am enjoying riding, enjoying my horse and I’m excited to compete in Horse Trials and plan to reach 1 HRCAV.

In the lesson, Alicia emphasised the basics to me, straightness, positive contact, circles, accuracy, position 80/20 (tits up lol). It was all so easy to understand can be replicated in every ride. I now feel like I am providing consistent riding information to my horse and allowing my muscle memory to develop correctly, so we can build on the foundations and progress to the higher levels.

Mary Herbert

Member Since 2022

DI offers a new way of caring for and riding horses…the imparting knowledge is delivered in straightforward language that is inspiring and doable. I have acquired an understanding in horse care and riding that changed the way I do things. It has provided an alternative route to teaching and learning that made me confident and wanting to try things.

The atmosphere that is created within the group is fun and safe.

Nikki Keene

Member Since 2022

DI for me has been ‘lightbulb moment’ after ‘lightbulb moment’. Alicia manages to break down not just the jargon, but also the biomechanics and techniques of dressage (and riding in general) to their most understandable basics. This has given me more improvement in riding in the past year than I’d had in the previous 10. DI creates an incredibly inclusive learning environment, no matter what your goals. I think this is one of the most incredible aspects in a sport that is too often seen as exclusive.