Luxe of London Badminton Anatomical Flat Snaffle Bridle


Taking all the latest research available, the Luxe of London Badminton Anatomical Flat Snaffle Bridle has been designed with your horse at its heart.

Taking all the latest research available, these bridles have been designed with your horse at its heart.

  • Soft flat bridle
  • Luxe Skeletal Integrity System
  • Luxesorb gel through the headpiece and noseband
  • Available in Black or London Tan & Black
  • With or without Flash
  • Browband with Clear Swarovski Crystals

Luxe Skeletal Integrity System

In order to create products that are comfort focused, anatomically designed and strong against hundreds of pounds of pressure, Luxe has developed the skeletal Integrity System.

Each Luxe item is carefully designed to incorporate specifically designed reinforced frameworks which gives internal strength and allows for:

  • Softer leathers such as sheep leather to be used
  • Luxesorb to be used in larger areas
  • Deeper more pronounced anatomical designs
  • An overall reduction in weight and thickness.

This pioneering system to build performance tack, sets Luxe of London apart.

Luxesorb Technology

Luxesorb Technology is designed to relieve pressure caused by the bridle. It disperses energy through its in-built contoured gel padding, fitted anatomically in all Luxe bridles.

This allows pressure that is normally transferred onto the horse (causing discomfort, potential behavioural and performance issues), to be absorbed by the Luxesorb technology.

Luxe of London bridles use only the finest European leather combined with soft sheep leather for the inside of the headpiece and noseband for the ultimate in comfort for your horse.

Every bridle is hand-made to extreme levels of quality which allows the bridle to have unique features.

  • The Luxesorb technology used in the headpiece and noseband have been tested in extreme cold and heat to ensure that it works at its optimum in any weather.
  • The headpiece exposes the Luxesorb gel minimising pressure across the poll, only achievable with hand-made bridles.
  • The Luxesorb gel inside the noseband ensures that you cannot close the nostrils and cut off the air supply and moulds uniquely to your horse’s features.

The bridles come with clear crystal browbands, though you will be seeing limited edition browbands appearing throughout the year. Such is the attention to detail that cars were driven across the browbands to ensure their robustness and longevity.

Each bridle goes through rigorous testing, which is why the Luxe of London bridles come with a LIFETIME warranty; possibly a first in the industry?

The Science Behind Luxe Bridles

The contour poll area is shaped forward so that the pressure is distributed evenly and without causing additional pressure, where a nerve trunk attaches to the occipital bone.

The Luxesorb technology, that is built into this contoured design, is made of interconnected energy dissipating molecules. These structures, called cross-links, allow the gel molecules to move freely around one another while remaining linked. The material absorbs and dissipates force, relieving the performance horse of any incorrect or unnecessary pressure.

The combination of the contour and Luxesorb, create optimum comfort and release poll pressure.

The headpiece is softly padded and curved around the horse’s ears. It is also important to note, that this curvature around the ears IS NOT designed to completely bypass the ears. It is to allow for the significant poll contour to be possible. Without the curvature around the ears, the poll contour is not possible. HOWEVER, without contact with parts of the ear and areas immediately behind them, the bridles poll-contouring effects would no longer be viable. The bridle must not sit on the neck, it must sit behind the ears, as a traditional bridle would. However, the poll-releasing technology relieves the shortfalls of a traditional-fitting bridle.

Our Luxe bridle complements the best of both worlds. The ears have room, but are still used as an important part of the bridle’s fit. This allows the headpiece to nestle softly in the correct position while relieving the pressure over the poll, without detrimental effects to the fit of the bridle.


Black, Tan/Black

Size Options

Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full

Size Guide

Crown Piece76-95cm83-101cm83-101cm99-121cm
Brow Band39cm (inc. drop)42cm (inc. drop)44cm (inc. drop)48cm (inc. drop)
Nose Band42cm44cm47cm51cm
Cheek Pieces17-25cm19-28cm22-31cm25-37cm
Throat Lash53-73cm53-73cm59-79cm62-85cm
Rein Length136cm142cm149cmN/A


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