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Lesson 1: Myth buster heels down

Who hasn’t heard heels down in a lesson? Learn how, why your instructor screams this to you in lessons and what you actually need to do instead, so they never say it again.

“What I love about Alicia is everything she says is clarification on the nuance. So while heels down is such a black-and-white, blunt instruction, this video explains what you can do instead to achieve what your instructor is actually asking you to do.”

Lesson 2: Myth buster riding without stirrups

This video is going to unpack for you the difference between learning to ride and learning to ride dressage. Exercises to help you with natural balance and learning to stay on are exercises to do exactly that, and exercises to learn how to do dressage are completely different. So as you’re learning dressage, you need to learn what you should be doing to improve your dressage, not just your riding.

“Alicia is a master at making sure that the intention matches the outcome. So riding without stirrups has a certain intention and a certain outcome, and when you unpack it in this way, you can start to learn what intentions and what outcomes you do want to improve your dressage riding.”

Lesson 3: Myth buster using your legs

What do you do if you have a horse afraid of your legs? Watch the video to find out.

“I prefer a horse that isn’t super reactive so a horse that’s super sensitive to the leg is not the horse for me!”

Lesson 4: Rise Trot explained

Learn when and how you would use the rising trot.

“Balance is the most important thing when it comes to your rising trot”

Lesson 5: Seat types explained

Learn the three types of seats you might use in your dressage riding and when you would use each one.

“The importance of understanding what and when each seat should be used in your dressage training is vital knowledge if you want your horse to have the room and freedom to dance underneath you.”

Dressage Institute - Ultimate Dressage Seat Package

The Ultimate Dressage Seat Package