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To be a successful dressage rider, the rider needs to learn to carry themselves, just like the horse must achieve self-carriage. 

How can your horse be balanced if you are not?

This 6 month intensive rider transformation program is specifically designed to improve:

  • Your strength
  • Your flexibility
  • Your understanding of how and when to apply rider aids

Knowledge is key to this course.

This is NOT about just getting fitter, being stronger or losing weight.

It is about the ability to move your left little finger without it having an effect on your hand position. Or having a light seat without tilting forward. It is about understanding HOW your position affects the horse, and HOW to effectively communicate with your horse. 

Whether you are a lower level rider trying not to bounce in canter, or a Prix St. Georges rider trying to get a better half pass this is a MUST-do course. 

Through competency based learning you will:

  • Change your POSTURE for more ease of motion in your daily life and while you ride.
  • Understand TSMG (riding biomechanics) and how to follow your horse’s movements in all gaits. TSMG allows you the insight to help your horse perform at his best. 
  • Learn how to give INVISIBLE aids to help your horse succeed. 
  • Learn pilates exercises to do off the horse to help your CONTROL.
Position Institute by the Dressage Institute

Position Institute