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Lesson 1 – Balance

This video will give you clarification on another part of assumed knowledge to do with your seat. Where should your weight be distributed around your body for you to be able to drive with your seat? Use your seat, Influence with your seat? After this video, you will know the answers and you will be astounded at what you will be able to do differently with your seat and with your body and be able to create within your horse.

“I had lessons for over 18 months with a seat specialist who did explain about putting the weight down through the ankles, but never explained it in a way that was useful for me to actually understand how to use my seat and how to distribute my weight to actually get a result. Alicia teaches this in a way that you can implement today to feel the result, which therefore locks in the learning.”

Lesson 2 – Balance continued

In this video, you will learn what is possible when you have your own balance, independent of the horse.

“I’ve been told, to use your seat more or you need to be more effective with your seat for years and years and years and years. Being told that does not actually help you activate or do anything different with that information, except reinforce maybe how bad you are at this riding thing. This video helps you get clarity on how by riding for what you want, you can influence the horse and get the result that you’re after.”

Lesson 3 – Straightness for the rider

In this video, you will learn the importance of, if you want your horse to be straight, the importance of how you, as the rider also need to be symmetrical and straight and how, what to do if physically or, capability wise you can’t do that at the moment. What you can do to counteract and um, still have your body in the right position so your horse can perform what you want it to do as you build on your symmetry and straightness.

“I love this video. I was always told to make the horse straighter. Watch your straightness. Think about straightness and I only ever thought about straightness in relation to the horse’s body and the horse’s straightness, and never thought about my own. Focusing on your own so you can lead your horse and have your horse follow you. So I made up a rule that, if it felt comfortable, I must be doing it wrong. Alicia is absolutely right when she says, ‘the only way you can fix your symmetry and your straightness as a rider is to use eyes rather than feel because feel lies to me every single day.’”

Lesson 4 – Seat position

Have you ever wondered how some riders look effortless in sitting trot when they ride? It’s not genetics. It’s not that they did no stirrups for the last 10 years. And it’s not that their horse must have the most comfiest trot. It is the 80/20 rule, it’s time you knew the secret.

“Sitting on a bubble and making sure you don’t burst the bubble changed my dressage riding. While I still have a lot of practice to go, I’ll just go change my life. Now I can sit trot across the diagonal on the biggest extended trot that I’ve ever seen, and be able to go with my horse rather than start bouncing against it.”

Lesson 5 – Leg position

Learn how to test if your stirrups are too long or too short and what the coach means when they say longer leg.

“This is vital information if you want to look good on a horse and master your dressage seat.”

Dressage Institute - balanced dressage rider series by Alicia Dickinson

Balanced Dressage Rider Series