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To be able to achieve success in dressage, you need to not only focus on proper training, but on horse care, mental preparation, and effective strategies.

Join Alicia and Tash as they take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what it takes to train at a Grand Prix level – warts and all.

With Alicia you will see a system in progress of how step-by-step, you build on your foundation and take a horse from 55% to his best and beyond. See how a “how can I” attitude and logical steps get you from a to b.

With Natasha you will see it all. All the emotions. All the ups and downs. All the confusion, fear, pain and doubt as she navigates from 65% to 70% and international CDI’s on the bigger stage.

Throughout the  Backstage Pass – Diary of Two Grand Prix Riders, you’ll get never before seen, exclusive access to:

– Candid behind-the-scenes live videos offering intimate backstage views. From meticulous care routines to mental training and strategic competition prep – these are raw and unfiltered.
– Candid diary entries complete with interactive Q&A opportunities. Engage with the passionate narratives, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the learning that comes from unfiltered storytelling.
 UNLIMITED access to our coaching forum. Connect daily with Alicia as she provides personalised support to help you fast track your success with actionable guidance and motivational feedback.

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Backstage Pass – Diary of Two Grand Prix Riders