Rider Biomechanics

The Science of Effective Riding Technique

For Novice and Grand Prix riders alike, mistakes can lead to lower scores, increased risks of unsoundness, and jeopardise safety for horse and rider.

Don’t let your position flaws damage your progress! Your progress is NOT based on your talent!

Learn How & Why

1. Easy-to-follow exercises, providing a deep understanding of rider biomechanics. You will harness the power of thoughtful riding to find your horse’s centre; anchor your seat in the saddle, and discover the invisible communication that all dressage riders crave.

Whether you’re a novice rider or Grand Prix professional, this is an opportunity to transform your horse’s performance and reach your full potential through thoughtful riding and improved position.

2. Properly guide your horse, to maintain the optimum weight distribution, to enhance their performance. You don’t need an athlete’s physique or hours of strenuous physical activity to attain perfect rider technique and position.

Develop a Profound Grasp of Rider Biomechanics

Discover the path to gaining Invisible Communication with your horse. Through developing a profound grasp of rider biomechanics, you will discover the horse’s centre; anchor your seat, and ride with increased harmony.

Horse Rider Connection

TSMG-Based Exercises for Improved Horse-Rider Connection

With these easy-to-follow exercises, you will achieve improved connection with your horse without rigorous workouts. By properly guiding your horse and maintaining optimal weight distribution, you will see a remarkable boost in both confidence and progress.

Implementation & Troubleshooting

Learn practical strategies to effectively overcome obstacles, make informed decisions, and keep focus in emotionally charged situations. The skills you learn are only beneficial to you and your horse if you can apply them when you need it.

Pilates Exercise Routine

What Our Members Say

The Position Institute has enabled a multitude of riders to reach incredible milestones in their dressage journey. Results are real – true success stories!

Harriet Fairbank

Harriet Fairbank

I 💞 your pilates sessions. I’m visual so I learn from your videos. I’m getting my head around the banana, which is helping me so much! I’ve struggled for years with my positions and balance. I really struggle with tight arms, despite trying to let them go. I’ve done riders pilates for a year now, but the way you link it all to riding is so much clearer and now I’m actually getting it!

Natalia Pokora

Natalia Pokora

The difference I feel after just a few weeks is phenomenal! Starting this program I didn’t think it was possible to feel such difference in such a short time. I’ve been struggling with my seat for years, and in those few weeks I have made more progress than the last 2 or more years. And I’m not even one of those people that exercise regularly, though I’m more core-aware now. I’m not saying my seat is perfect – it’s far from it! But at least now I can feel a lot more and I have the tools to correct it. I’ve been to so many seminars/clinics and my riding teacher is great… but nobody before was able to place me in the saddle like this program already has. Not to mention that sooooo many things suddenly make sense! I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Alicia and the whole team – sitting trot never felt so good 🙂

Jeanette Sunde

Jeanette Sunde

Today I really got to try out how the pilates course together with the Dressage Institute have helped my seat. Rode my horse with a bareback pad on a hack, and usually I dare to walk and trot as I have never trusted my balance in the canter. However, today I tried canter twice! First time she bolted, and I didn’t freak out, but used the pelvis control I have found through this program, and she came to a nice canter and then a trot. The second time I got a nice canter from the first stride. Thank you Alicia and the team for giving me this confidence and motivation to keep improving my riding, and to never give up. You have made a huge difference in so little time. I am on cloud nine.

Natasha Althoff – Grand Prix Rider

Natasha Althoff Grand Prix Rider

Natasha Althoff – Grand Prix Rider

As a Grand Prix Rider I liked to think I was a good rider. That I knew how to sit trot and my position was ‘good enough’.

Through learning with Alicia and the Dressage Institute I became so much more aware and understanding of how my position wasn’t where it needed to be. The 70% Plus GP scores I desired were never going to come my way unless I learnt how to use my body in a much more effective way and learn how to train my dressage horse to be a dressage horse.

It isn’t easy to admit you are struggling and not as good as you want to be. I thought because I had achieved ‘Grand Prix’ I knew what to do and how to do it. But I had massive holes and gaps in my knowledge, understanding and implementation and it was difficult to go back to the start and relearn most of what I did.

The good news is by implementing what Alcia has taught me I am now scoring PB’s in my Grand Prix and I am closer than ever to my goal of 70% Grand Prix.

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Pelvis Control
Pilates for Riders